Bound By Brielle (Crave & Cure Productions)

Author: Daisy Jane
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 90

**This book is available for download only.
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Bound By Brielle (Crave & Cure Productions)

Feeling forgettable, Brielle mixes things up...

With her two bosses.

After a run in with her ex left her feeling forgettable, film school graduate student Brielle Parker opts to mix things up, applying for a mentorship with an unknown thriving film director.

When she's assigned to shadow not one but two adult film directors, Brielle thinks there's been a mistake.

Adult films aren't real films, and directing them doesn't take talent. Right?

At Crave & Cure Productions, Brielle learns more than how wrong she was about adult films. After discovering her needs, she gets them met...

By her two bosses.