Cyrus (The Henchmen MC 9)

Author: Jessica Gadziala
Category: Romance | Suspense | Erotic | Crime
Series: Henchmen MC
Total pages: 85

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Cyrus (The Henchmen MC 9)


Family. Brotherhood. Music. Women.

That was pretty much my life. And it was one I was happy with too. Until I came across her- the one woman I knew I had no right to put my hands on, the woman who I still felt such a connection with that, even though I knew I had to keep my hands - and other body parts - to myself, I wanted to be in her life.
So I became her friend.
Except, this sweet, shy, bookworm was making being honorable a hell of a lot harder than I expected.


Family. Books.

To be perfectly honest, that was pretty much all my life was about. And I was happy with that. I lived a thousand lives. I saw and felt things in stories I never could have otherwise.
Besides, real life was never as good as books.
Until I came across him.
He was leading man material if I ever saw it.
You know, just not for me.
He made that perfectly clear.
We were going to be friends.
That was it.
Except, maybe that simply wasn’t enough…