Killer (Savages 2)

Author: Jessica Gadziala
Category: Romance | Suspense | Erotic | Crime
Series: Savages
Total pages: 75

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Killer (Savages 2)


I ran away when I was fifteen and never looked back. I built a new life: good friends, wild adventures, and an endless parade of gorgeous women. But then I got a call that changed everything; a call that told me it was time to go back and face my demons.

I never thought I'd find an angel along the way...


He was the absolute last thing I needed in my life: someone incapable of taking anything seriously, a notorious ladies' man, oh, and did I mention... a killer? As in, he shot people. For a living. Yeah, definitely someone I had no plans on letting in. Except, he set his sights on me and, well, when a man like him laid on the charm, he did it thick and in a way that made you never want him to stop. My only saving grace was that he was only in town for a few days.

But when I found myself in a situation and he was the only one who had any answers, well, let's just say... things got complicated...

* This is a stand-alone with a HEA, but features side characters from "Reign", "Monster", and "Cash"