Tattered on My Sleeve (Lost Kings MC 4)

Author: Autumn Jones Lake
Category: Romance | Erotic | New Adult | Biker | Fiction
Series: Lost Kings MC
Total pages: 50

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Tattered on My Sleeve (Lost Kings MC 4)

I had her first.
I fell in love with her.
Then we fucked everything up.

Warning: This is not a "typical" romance. It's not even a typical MC Romance.

Eight years ago, the Lost Kings, MC was recovering from turmoil within the club Wrath and Trinity met. Their connection was instant and explosive.

Wrath and Trinity's story is a heart-breaking, soul-crushing, tear-your-heart-into-pieces story. The way they hurt each other over the years is intense, raw, frustrating and sometimes dark.

Can they move past their horrible pasts to become better people and ultimately forgive each other?

They’ve wasted too many years. Once Wrath learns the dark secret that’s been fueling Trinity for years, he’ll stop at nothing to prove they’re meant to be together and that she’s worthy of the love she keeps denying.

Tattered on My Sleeve is a full-length novel at over 145,000 word
(567 pages). It is book #4 in the popular Lost Kings MC series, but it can be read first or as a stand-alone.