Snaring the Huntress (Carnal Thirst 3)

Author: Sylvia Day
Category: Romance | Vampires | Suspense | Mystery | Paranormal
Series: Carnal Thirst
Total pages: 5

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Snaring the Huntress (Carnal Thirst 3)

“I hope you didn’t dim the lights for me,” she murmured, the hilt of her small dagger gripped firmly, but not tightly.

  “I certainly didn’t do it for me,” came the low, velvety voice she knew from her dreams. It swirled around her, originating from nowhere and yet permeating everywhere. “I would much rather see you. You do hunt naked, like the rest of your species, don’t you?”

  Star paused mid-step, her pulse quickening at the sound of that deep growl of sensual promise. She shook off the tingle that coursed over her skin. “Who are you?” she breathed, every nerve ending flaring to life.

  “Where are you?”

  The room was empty.

  “That depends. I’m either your prey or your lover. You have to decide which.”

  She checked the bathroom. Nothing. “I don’t know you.”

  “Don’t you, Star? I’ve held you in my arms, caressed you, licked every inch of your skin. You have a scar on your left hip. A battle wound. I like to kiss it. Suckle it, like your nipples…”

  “Shut up.” Her spines shot out, a sign of arousal and fear. She was the predator here, but she didn’t feel that way…