Matched to the Mercenary (Seeking Curves)

Author: Hope Ford
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult
Total pages: 29

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Matched to the Mercenary (Seeking Curves)

She’s going to be mine.
She’s my friend’s little sister.
She should be off-limits.
But I never was one to follow the rules.

I was sent to protect her, but one look at her, and I want more.
She’s smart, beautiful, and curvy, and she consumes my every thought.
But I’m a mercenary.
I have enemies all over the world, and I travel more than I’m home.
I have plans to make.
Plans that include loving Jenna but also keeping my crew safe.
I just need time to put them in place.

But when I find out that MY woman has signed up with Seeking Curves, an exclusive matchmaking company that guarantees a match, I’m no longer playing.

Nothing else matters… Jenna means everything to me.
I just hope she’s ready because she’s about to be matched to a mercenary.