Rigid (Whiskey Run Savage Ink 3)

Author: Hope Ford
Category: Romance
Series: Whiskey Run Savage Ink
Total pages: 22

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Rigid (Whiskey Run Savage Ink 3)

Women don’t stay... no matter how much you love them.
And I can’t chance it with her... because when she leaves me... I wouldn’t survive it.

I’m not a nice guy. I don’t even try to be.
I take what I want and then I move on.
I never thought about having a wife and kids...
Until I met Emily.

She makes me want things I know I shouldn’t.
So I’m mean to her. I’m not proud of it, but it is what it is.
But I can’t ignore her when she needs me.
I have to take care of her... I need her safe.

Now all I have to do is fight the temptation because I know she’ll never really be mine... not forever. And that’s all I want... Emily—forever.