The Bratva's Heir (Underworld Kings)

Author: Jane Henry
Category: Suspense | Erotic | Crime | Romance
Total pages: 77

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The Bratva's Heir (Underworld Kings)

Prison’s a dark, bleak place.

But Clare brings me light.

My sweet little bird will be my ticket to freedom.

The first time I saw her, I had to have her.

From her big, dark eyes, to the curves she can’t conceal...

The way she can only hold my gaze so long.

The way she shivers every time I move inside these chains.

And most of all, the way she’ll bend the rules when I order her to...

I know a natural submissive when I see one.

Her degrees and titles don’t change who she is: a woman who will bend to my will.

She doesn’t know it yet, but Clare is mine.

Mine to train. Mine to protect. And mine to control…