My Stepsister's Dad (Forbidden Fantasies 35)

Author: S.E. Law
Category: Romance | Erotic
Series: Forbidden Fantasies
Total pages: 27

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My Stepsister's Dad (Forbidden Fantasies 35)


I’m roommates with my former stepsister Alyssa, and it works. We giggle together, gossip together, and generally get along great …

… except for the secret crush that I have on her dad.

Cyrus is gorgeous. What woman wouldn’t want him? He’s got piercing blue eyes, a build like a gladiator, and a big piece of equipment that I’ve glimpsed in the shower.

Of course, he’s off limits. Totally. Definitely.

Besides, hot older billionaires don’t go for silly girls like me.

But I can’t get Cyrus and his special item out of my head. I’ve never forgotten about it after all these years, and now that I’m old enough, I’m going to convince the billionaire to show me how to use it …

… but what happens when I get pregnant?

Holy cow, call the fire department because this blaze is out of control! Josie’s got the worst crush on a man who likes to be called “Daddy,” but will she consent to Cyrus’s dark and dirty ways?