Filthy Twin Fighters (Forbidden Fantasies 36)

Author: S.E. Law
Category: Romance | Erotic
Series: Forbidden Fantasies
Total pages: 26

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Filthy Twin Fighters (Forbidden Fantasies 36)

Paisley: I’m a celebrity photographer, so it’s my job to stalk famous people. I didn’t mean to follow the gorgeous MMA fighter into the men’s locker room, but the opportunity was just too good to pass up. Soon, Talon’s doing something naughty in the shower … that ends in a satisfying money shot!


Talon: She’s paparazzi. No matter what Paisley says, she’s a member of a blood-thirsty pack out to make a buck off my image no matter the consequences. So when she follows me into the men’s locker room, I make sure to give her a show to end all shows. But what the curvy girl doesn’t realize is that I’ve been on to her from the beginning, and there will be a price to pay. After all, money shots pack a punch … and with my twin brother Torment, we’ll be giving her shot after shot until she’s got a baby in her belly!