Father of the Bride (Forbidden Fantasies 37)

Author: S.E. Law
Category: Romance | Erotic
Series: Forbidden Fantasies
Total pages: 27

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Father of the Bride (Forbidden Fantasies 37)

He’s dark, dominating, and two decades older than me. He’s also my friend’s dad and the father of the bride.




My boyfriend embarrassed me at a wedding. The little man threw a fit and stormed out, creating a commotion that brought me to tears.

I was so embarrassed and wanted the Earth to swallow me whole. But a handsome older man steps in for the rescue. He gives me a kiss, which turns into two, then three, and soon …

… we’re enjoying each other right there at the reception!

But I don’t regret it because Preston Cahill is gorgeous. The billionaire’s got broad shoulders, piercing blue eyes, and a huge party favor that makes me gasp. Not only that, but he shows me how to set off this enormous firecracker …

… and soon, I’m melting with delicious sparkles all over.

But what happens when I get pregnant?

Will the father of the bride consent to being a daddy again?

Or is he over and done with his daddy days?