Darkest Hour (Cutler 5)

Author: V.C. Andrews
Category: Horror | Young Adult | Mystery | Fiction
Series: Cutler
Total pages: 104

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Darkest Hour (Cutler 5)

Lillian's world is as thrilling as the fairy tales Mama spins for her and her little sister, Eugenia. No one, not even her cold, stern Papa and her Bible spouting sister Emily, can crush her spirits — until the day Emily reveals the shattering secret at Lillian's birth. Still Lillian refuses to believe Emily's hateful claim that she is evil, a curse.

But when tragedy befalls her best friend Lillian comes to believe Emily's grim words. Meekly, she endures her penance, finding a strange solace in the endless repetition of prayers. Then Papa loses The Meadows in a card game, and Lillian is faced with a new and terrifying prospect. Arrogant, handsome playboy Bill Cutler will return the plantation if Lillian will marry him...