Fragile Love (Fragile 3)

Author: Lexy Timms
Category: Adult | Romance | New Adult
Series: Fragile
Total pages: 75

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Fragile Love (Fragile 3)

Cayden shouldn’t be the one.

Not the one with Lillian. He’s tall, dark, handsome, and strong. She’s… well, she’s fragile. In every sense of the world.

They’re nothing alike.

He’s outdoorsy, adventurous, a personal trainer, loves to party, has social skills that would make a celebrity jealous, and in love with Lillian. She’s quiet, a bit of a lost soul, learning to manage her Crohn’s disease, and still suffering from the loss of her best friend.

When Andrew, the brother of her best friend, is hurt in an accident, Lillian drops everything to help him. Convincing Cayden that she feels obligated, that Andrew isn’t in love with her, that she has everything under control, might be nearly impossible.

Can their love survive distance, mistrust, and hurt? Or will the pain of the past drive a wedge between Cayden and Lillian forever?

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