Inked With Love (Forbidden Fantasies 44)

Author: S.E. Law
Category: Erotic | Romance
Series: Forbidden Fantasies
Total pages: 26

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Inked With Love (Forbidden Fantasies 44)


I admit I’m a dirty girl. Behind my shy, nerdy exterior there lives a woman consumed with filthy, naughty fantasies. Even more, I like to draw in my diary, and lately, I’ve been sketching a lot of Dane Reston. He’s a tattoo artist with six pack abs, gorgeous artwork swirling all over his chiseled body, as well as a huge *you know what.* My challenge? Seeing it in real life.


She thinks I don’t know, but trust me, I know. She thinks she’s so shy and demure, but it’s just a mirage. After all, I found Zoe’s diary, and now I’m going to show the curvy girl what *real life* tastes like. Fantasy? There’s no need to dream anymore … because she’s getting it hard if I have my way.