Too Hot To Handle (Forbidden Fantasies 48)

Author: S.E. Law
Category: Romance | Erotic
Series: Forbidden Fantasies
Total pages: 25

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Too Hot To Handle (Forbidden Fantasies 48)


My boyfriend is a schmuck. Brian literally slapped a VR headset on while I was in the middle of talking to him and ignored me like I was a piece of furniture. He was deaf, dumb and blind to the world, except for the stupid video game he was playing. But I got my revenge …

… because while Brian was engrossed in cyberspace, I made love to his father!

Oh yeah. Gary’s nothing like his son. The construction foreman is huge and burly, with broad shoulders like rocks, a chest made of granite and a huge hammer that that makes me wail. Even better …

… Gary’s all about giving it to me hard, rough, and real.

But how do I tell Brian? After all, I’m dating his dad now and soon …

… my ex is getting a baby half-brother, courtesy of me!