Untamed Mate (Feral Shifters 2)

Author: Callie Rose
Category: Romance | Fantasy | Adult | Paranormal
Series: Feral Shifters
Total pages: 67

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Untamed Mate (Feral Shifters 2)

They broke the bond.

But they didn’t break me.

Although they left me with a gaping hole in my chest, Kian, Malix, and Frost did me a favor when they shattered our bond and left me alone in the mountains.

For a moment there, I'd started to trust them. For a moment, I'd started to believe they could be changed — that I wouldn’t need to kill them to keep them from carrying out their dark mission. I'd started to believe there was something real between us.

Then they reminded me, in the most visceral way possible, that they’re heartless monsters. Creatures made of shadow who don’t understand what it means to care for anyone.

But when they betrayed me, all they did was even the playing field.

Because sometimes it takes a monster to fight a monster.

And I’m not sure I have a heart anymore, either.