The Heartbreakers

Author: Melissa Adams
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult
Total pages: 85

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The Heartbreakers

“Stay away from the Cove Devils, they’re bad news. Everyone calls them the Heartbreakers for a reason.”


The rival skydiving teams- the Cove Angels and the Cove Devils - have been at each other’s throats since the Devils came to Star Cove.

I’ve been the Angels biggest fan forever. First, for my dad, captain of the Angels and a skydiving legend, and then for his heir and my best friend, Darrius


Only my feelings for Darrius run deeper than just friendship and I can’t keep that secret to myself. That was my first mistake.


When Darrius rejects me, breaking my heart beyond repair, his three rivals - the Cove Devils one and all - are there to help me pick up the pieces. Is this my second mistake?


I want revenge against the man who broke my heart. The Devils want to destroy their rival.

But can I trust the Devils—The Heartbreakers—who are hot and dangerous and have everything to prove? Or will I lose more than my heart in this deal?