Having Faith (Maclean Mafia Men 2)

Author: Lila Fox
Category: Romance | Crime | Adult
Series: Maclean Mafia Men
Total pages: 44

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Having Faith (Maclean Mafia Men 2)

Faith does everything she can to get her family away from the monster who happens to be her father. Trapped at home, she finally runs and hides, waiting and watching for the perfect time to get her sisters and her mother to safety.

Graham takes one look at the grubby and tired young woman and decides she is his. When he finds out who she was and realizes the extent of her problem, it makes him more determined to protect her.

The problem only seems to worsen, and he is forced to pull his family into something that can destroy them. This drama doesn’t impact just their families. Instead, a third family run by a sadist enters the fray. He wants the girl and doesn’t care who gets hurt on the way.

Can Graham convince Faith to trust him—with her heart and her life?