Moonlit Kisses

Author: Debra St James
Category: Romance
Total pages: 112

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Moonlit Kisses


I’m the inappropriate family member. The middle child, born between two sisters. The favorite uncle (okay, I’m the only uncle, but I’m still the favorite). My family means the world to me.

Life is good, simple, and problem free, if not a little lonely.

Until I go to work one day to find sleeping beauty in a parking space behind my workshop. She’s gorgeous, but my previous experiences with beautiful women have left an unwelcome mark on me and my family.

As I get to know Molly, I’m repeatedly proven wrong.
Now I have three problems: I’m her boss, a full decade older than her, and I want her.



At twenty-six, I’ve lost everything: my family, my home, my job. All I have left is a tub of memories in a hometown that now feels foreign. My family meant the world to me and moving on without them seems impossible.

In my grief, I decide to start a new life in a new city, and that’s where I meet Max. When he finds me sleeping in my car, he’s gruff at first, but somehow, I impress him enough that he offers me a job. Max quickly becomes everything I need to survive.

But can I convince him to see me as more than just his employee?