Bucking Tradition (Devil's Knights 2nd Generation 5)

Author: Winter Travers
Category: Romance | New Adult
Series: Devil's Knights 2nd Generation
Total pages: 24

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Bucking Tradition (Devil's Knights 2nd Generation 5)

Evil is lurking in the dark and casting a shadow around the Devil’s Knights.

When that evil comes knocking on Luna’s door, Detective Ransom has had enough. Luna is his and no one is going to take her away from him.

Luna’s been testing her limits from day one and is determined to be seen as an equal when it comes to not only the Devil’s Knights but also the sexy detective who sets her panties on fire.

If Detective Ransom really wants Luna, he’s gonna have to work for it because Luna is done being set on the sidelines because she’s a woman.

It’s time to buck tradition.