The Vampire's Maiden

Author: Alice Wilde
Category: Dark | Vampires | Crime | Romance
Total pages: 89

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The Vampire's Maiden

What have I done? What have I allowed myself to become?

How could I be so wrong?

I thought I was making the right choice. I thought I was escaping my monsters ...

But instead, I've run right into their arms.

To save myself and those I love, I've allowed The Devils Mafia to break me, to mold me ... to make me into a weapon of their own design.

Or so I let them believe.

Little do they know, I have my own plans in mind.

Plans meant to bring them to their knees ...

Plans meant to destroy them ...

Until I don't.

Until even I don't know how I'll come out of this alive and whole.

What happens when your monsters also turn out to be the only ones who can save you?

Even from yourself.

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