No One Else (The Ladies Who Brunch 2)

Author: Harlow James
Category: Romance | New Adult
Series: The Ladies Who Brunch
Total pages: 95

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No One Else (The Ladies Who Brunch 2)

“I don’t think this complex is big enough for the both of us, Dr. St. Clair.”

Staring up into the eyes of Ethan Fuller, the divorce attorney who opened his practice in the same complex as mine, I should have known he was bad news—for my business and my heart.

But when has that organ in our chests ever listened to rational thought, huh, ladies?

As a marriage and sex therapist, I take pride in helping couples revitalize their marriages, or women embrace their sexuality, focusing on empowerment and fighting for love.

But Ethan Fuller stands for the opposite of everything I believe in with a mischievous smile that makes me weak in the knees, threatening my business and everything I’ve built, and eventually sparking a prank war between us.

Until the day he kisses me—and then nothing makes sense besides the raw magnetism I feel for him, and the pure adoration I have for his son.

My brain tells me to be cautious, but my heart leads the way as we give in to our feelings toward one another and visions of our future are all I can see. Until that vision is threatened by one admission that has us struggling to catch our breaths and acknowledging what we truly feel.

And even though I know that walking away was the right thing to do, I fight to uphold the promises I made to his son and myself—the types of promises that have me realizing there is no other man I could see my future with.

What do you do when the person you’re supposed to be with is too scared to admit it? What do you do when you refuse to sacrifice what you want and who you are for a man? And how do you move on when in your heart you know, there’s no one else?