Father (Blood Brotherhood 1)

Author: Loki Renard
Category: Romance | Fantasy | Dark | Paranormal
Series: Blood Brotherhood
Total pages: 65

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Father (Blood Brotherhood 1)

I’ve got two choices: ride with the devil… or run for my life.

A blood-soaked biker just stomped into my café and pinned me against the wall.
I know what I should do:

But when he kisses me, all I can do is beg for more.

Turns out: that’s the worst mistake of my life.

Dax might be a six foot tall heartbreaker with a wicked smile and a rugged six-pack.
But he’s also as dangerous as they come.

Now, I’m caught up in a web of drugs and a war between motorcycle clubs.
There’s only two ways out of this town:
On the back of Dax’s bike…
Or in a body bag.

An innocent waitress has her life turned upside down when a savage, handsome biker storms into her café and kisses her. Rachael finds herself in the crossfire between a monster and a madman. Can she trust Dax to save her life?