Path of Bones (Cassie Quinn 1)

Author: L.T. Ryan
Category: Fantasy | Thriller | Mystery | Paranormal
Series: Cassie Quinn
Total pages: 84

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Path of Bones (Cassie Quinn 1)

A murderer's victims haunt Cassie Quinn
The clues lie in shadowed whispers
Death holds no boundary for justice
To shine truth's light Cassie must walk through the darkness

Cassie didn't ask to be a medium. But she shouldered the daunting task of easing the suffering of the tormented souls who came to her. For over a decade the FBI, police departments across the country, and dozens of private investigators sought her out for her special abilities. Then one day, the spirit world disconnected.

A fresh start proves harder than she thought when the ghost of a murdered woman appears in Cassie's home. With her gift returned, Cassie sets out to discover the meaning of the dead woman's message.

A killer who removes his victim's hearts is still on the loose. As Cassie races to stop him, she finds, hers may be the next one he takes. Her gift and grit are the only things separating her from crossing over the thin line between life and death.