The Brazilian's Forgotten Lover (The Henderson Sisters 3)

After the death of her mother and the heartbreak of leaving Cristiano, Ava Henderson finally has her life on track. She's running the family vineyards and raising her beautiful daughter single-handedly. But a chance reunion with the love of her life makes her doubt everything she's worked to build.

Cristiano had been right to leave when Ava asked him to. What choice did he have? She had always wanted a completely different life to what he could offer. And that life was more important to her than anything else. But three years later, he's back in the sleepy wine-growing district of Western Australia, and the same electrifying connection sparks between them as though no time has passed.

Just as he's starting to wonder if maybe lightning does strike twice, he discovers something about Ava that will change his feelings forever. How can he forgive a woman who lied to him? Who kept his own child away from him? And how can he move forward, sharing a child with a woman he's now starting to despise ...

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