The Sheikh's Christmas Wish (The Henderson Sisters 4)

Author: Clare Connelly
Category: Billionaire Romance | Romance
Series: The Henderson Sisters
Total pages: 74

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The Sheikh's Christmas Wish (The Henderson Sisters 4)

A Sheikh with a dark past has one wish this Christmas ... but his 'wish' has her own past that might make a future impossible.

Ra'if Fayez walked away from his birthright to rule a country a long time ago and with it, he gave up on any hopes of Happily Ever After. A chance meeting with the beautiful, independent, kind-hearted Melinda Higgins changes everything. But the secrets of his past, and of who he is, fester beneath the surface of their burgeoning relationship, threatening to poison everything.

Melinda has good reason to be guarded with her affections. A single mother to an adorable five year old son, she can't afford to get involved with the wrong kind of guy. Not again! But one by one, Ra'if Fayez finds his way beneath each of her carefully erected defences. By the time she discovers the truth about him - and the reasons they can never be together - is it too late to save her heart from being completely broken?

A heartwarming Christmas story full of hope, passion, second-chances and redemption at a time of year when forgiveness and love are heavy in the air. Fall in love with snow-covered nights, twinkling lights, flickering candles, and a couple you will be cheering for from the very first page...