Heart 0f Mine (Secrets of Savannah 6)

Author: Belle Calhoune
Category: Romance
Series: Secrets of Savannah
Total pages: 44

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Heart 0f Mine (Secrets of Savannah 6)

Secrets of Savannah: Six best friends who have known each other their entire lives. Once as thick as thieves, the friendships among the girls have been splintered by life events, secrets and deceptions. Now, brought together again by an inheritance of an historic Bed & Breakfast on Tybee Island, the women must set aside their differences in order to restore their beloved Savannah House. As each woman finds her special talent and develops it through the renovation of the inn, they also find romance—each of them with an unforgettable hero.

Hope Matthews is a beautiful and caring woman who has centered her life around her baby daughter, Ella. Although she was born and bred in Savannah, Hope fled her hometown in order to hide her pregnancy from her family and friends. When Hope discovers her mentor Miss Hattie Montgomery bequeathed the historic resort, Savannah House to her and a group of friends, she returns to Savannah. As she immerses herself in her new life as one of the co-owners of a bed and breakfast, Hope keeps secret the circumstances of Ella’s birth and the betrayal that shattered her heart and destroyed her belief in love. When Grayson Holloway, a man who claims to be Miss Hattie’s heir, shows up on Tybee Island, Hope’s heart begins to come back to life.

Grayson Holloway is a talented illustrator and author who arrives in Savannah seeking answers about his heritage and links to Hattie Alexander, the former owner of Savannah House bed and breakfast. Grayson believes he is the grandson of Miss Hattie and that she gave his father up for adoption as a newborn. Fueled by his own dysfunctional upbringing and tensions with his own father, Grayson finds peace in the knowledge that he’s connected to the illustrious Alexander family. When he meets single mother, Hope Matthews, he feels an instant connection to the dark-haired beauty.

Can Grayson show Hope he’s a man who can safeguard her heart?