Atonement (Vengeance 2)

Author: Crystal North
Category: Dark | Mystery | Romance | New Adult
Series: Vengeance
Total pages: 138

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Atonement (Vengeance 2)

Some sins can never be atoned.

I feel like I lost the love of my life.

Nearly four years after running from the scene of not one, but two crimes, Charlotte McLintock is barely managing to survive and keep a roof over her head. With her daughter to look after, a degree to finish, and several jobs to juggle, life is hard. But they’re not the only battles she’s facing: guilt, secrets, and a broken heart still haunt her every waking moment, and stalk her dreams.

When shadows from her past resurface and threaten to unravel everything she’s worked so hard for, Charlotte must decide if it’s time to come clean or run once more. Will she be able to earn the atonement she so desperately craves, or will those hunting her demand their own special kind of vengeance?