Ruling the Mob (Mob Lust 2)

Author: Kristen Luciani
Category: Romance | Suspense | Crime | Action
Series: Mob Lust
Total pages: 65

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Ruling the Mob (Mob Lust 2)

Fear Makes You Weak. Weakness Gets You Killed.


This life. It becomes more toxic every day. There is no escape for me or the ones I love.

I've done things to claim my rightful place. I've taken care of those who challenged that place, and I've made a mortal enemy in the process.

Now he's back, just like I always knew he would be. He's angry, tortured, and out for blood.

Perfect. That's just the way I want him.

It'll make pulling the trigger so much more satisfying.


I'm a princess. But my life is no fairy tale. It used to be…but that was a long time ago, in a land far, far away.

I had it all, until one blood-soaked night when I lost everything I wanted for my future. Now I feel as if I'm locked in a tower, alone and isolated from the man I love.

He's the one who saved me.

But I don't think anyone can save him.

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