Slaying the Mob (Mob Lust 4)

Author: Kristen Luciani
Category: Suspense | Romance | Crime | Action
Series: Mob Lust
Total pages: 78

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Slaying the Mob (Mob Lust 4)

This life no longer owns me. Only she does.


This life. It’s a game, a very dangerous game where the losers always pay with their lives.
To win big, you have to take risks.
I always played to win because I had nothing to lose.
Until the game changed, and the stakes became too high.
I finally had something…someone…to keep safe.
But winning big meant I could have it all.
So I took a final risk to secure my future with Sloane.
I wanted it all, and it was finally within reach.
I broke the code.
I violated trust.
I lost focus…
And the one I vowed to always love and protect.


I let myself fall in love with a monster.
And even though his soul is black as death, his heart is pure.
But only I can see it. 
I was warned to stay away from Max Oriani, that I’d become a target, that I’d be…
Or worse.
But the nightmare of living without him would be torture of the worst kind.
So I didn’t listen. 
I gave him everything I have.
And now I have to pay the price…
If I have any hopes of seeing him again.

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