Naive in Love

Author: Tori Alvarez
Category: Romance
Total pages: 110

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Naive in Love

Is it Love or Infatuation? How do you know if you’ve never experienced it?

Sophia is the “cute” friend that’s noticed last. The one that receives the leftover attention which, unbeknownst to her, leaves her feeling insecure.

She’s having trouble navigating love during her first year in college, torn between two men. Caleb, her first boyfriend away from the comforts of home and friends, is everything she thought she wanted. But as their relationship progresses, Sophia wonders: Is he protective or possessive? The other, her secret crush, Ethan, is gorgeous, rich, and unattainable. He can have any girl he wants—so why would he want her? But it’s only just a crush. He’d never fall in love with her, right?

She longs for both men, but she must choose between them. Will she choose before someone gets hurt?

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