The Mistletoe Wish

Author: Suzanne Gilchrist
Category: Romance
Total pages: 33

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The Mistletoe Wish

Can a mistletoe wish gift two lonely people a second chance?

Sara Pyeon has paid the price for a devastating mistake – she lost her career, her friendships, and worse her parents’ love. Eager to find a sanctuary, she fled to the small town of Bindarra Creek. Whilst the community has been welcoming, she is unable to lower the barriers that guard her wounded heart.

Darim Cooper’s ex has delivered an ultimatum – settle down permanently or risk access to his only child. When a new Army training facility is built on the outskirts of Bindarra Creek, he applies for a transfer. Now all he has to do is find the perfect home.

Drawn together by an unexpected bequest, a fresh start beckons. But will their pasts destroy this second chance forever?

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