In Dreams (Darkly Ever After)

Author: Mila Crawford
Category: Romance | Adult | Erotic | Dark
Total pages: 40

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In Dreams (Darkly Ever After)

I live in a world where women are a commodity. The only value we have is as bargaining chips for men who crave more power.

We are to be silent, unseen, to do as we are told.

But I don’t want to be anyone's property. I want to be the one in control of my destiny.

But my past doesn’t want to forget me and my present wants to consume me.

I am the object of desire for three dark and deranged men who show no mercy and know no limitations to their depravity.

Three men who will do anything in order to make me theirs.

To them I am a commodity. A shiny toy to be encased behind glass. Too fragile for the world around me but breakable at their whims. If need be I’ll remain their little sleeping beauty.

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