POTUS’s Forbidden Girl (Forbidden Fruit)

Author: ChaShiree M
Category: Romance | Adult
Total pages: 16

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POTUS’s Forbidden Girl (Forbidden Fruit)

Be a great leader. Check. Avoid a third world war. Check. Breed the Vice President’s daughter. Check. Shit. I am not supposed to be doing the last thing, but it is the first thing I intend on doing.

My name is Hayden Blake and I am the President of the United States. My entire life has centered around this outcome. Hell, checklists have been a way of making sure I don’t stray from the course since I could write. I was a nerd. The ambitious one. The golden boy. The straight shooter. Nothing was going to stop me from making it here and up until this moment, nothing has. I am where I said I was going to be. The leader of the free world. Everything was going according to plan until she walked into the oval office. My Lanie. Then everything went off the rails.

Her father, my Vice President introduced her to me, and when her hand landed in mine and her smile lit up the room I was gone. I was no longer just POTUS. I was a man. A virile, dick-throbbing, possessive, obsessive man and she was my future. Never mind the fact that breeding her could make this my first and last term in office if her father doesn’t kill me first.

My sweet, good girl is so worried about her dad finding out, but she should be more worried about me. The man that wants to breed her, tie her to me in more ways than just name for eternity and I am not above using dirty tricks. Shit, some of them she might like.

I have spent my life worried about doing the right thing. Not anymore. She is the only thing in my path now. My entire destination is in her hands and between her legs and if I have it my way, in her belly. I just have to do it without telling her. That shouldn’t be too hard, right? I have the entire world at my disposal.

This Presidential gig is turning out better than I expected. Join 6 authors on a journey of desire, temptation, taboo love, and the finality of giving in. Forbidden Fruit has never tasted sweeter.

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