Author: Emilia Finn
Category: Romance
Total pages: 104

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I was a smokejumper for the majority of my career.
Flinging out of planes at 15,000 feet and hoping to land with my bones in tact and a plan to slay wildfire quickly, safely, and with my crew all in one piece.

Ainsley was a regular firefighter.
You know, the kind who lives in town, rides in a truck, and wields a hose to save houses and hotels.

We were a match made in adrenaline junky heaven.
Or so they said.

But fate wasn’t ready to let me have my happiness just yet, because one shitty summer day, the dragon was too hot, and Ainsley’s death would be the singular event that would leave me a broken man.

That was all awhile ago now. But the thing about tragedy is that folks have long memories and I, zero patience for sympathy or busybodies.

These days, I keep to myself. I stay in, read a book, and I absolutely do not socialize.

Unfortunately, not all events can be avoided without creating enemies, and in this town, those enemies can leave you wishing you were dead.
As a result, I find myself holed up in a dark corner of what others call a masked ball.
Identities are being hidden. Faces are covered. I expected to hate every annoying minute of this mess. But for the first time in a long time, with a mask shielding my identity, I’m able to exist without the gloom of death sitting on my shoulders.

Then she walks in. Rosy blush. Stunning gown. Curves that make my mouth water.
And just enough attitude to stand up to my bad mood.

One night.
No names.
No faces.
And no tomorrows.

What could go wrong?