The Hookup Type

Author: Brittany Wilson
Category: Romance
Total pages: 135

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The Hookup Type

“You can’t have Fun Dip with a person you actually care about losing.”

Maci Lawson has a few goals for her junior year of college. She wants to excel in her courses, live it up with her roommate in their new apartment, and break away from her habit of relationships and keeping old options open. This year she’s looking for a hookup, and her new friend Jaxon might just check all her boxes—until he becomes someone she wants more with. When their friendship trumps taking that chance, Maci stumbles into a guy who’s the spitting image of everything Jaxon warned her about. Now Maci is caught between a guy she's fallen for and a guy who meets her hookup criteria. Unfortunately for her, they aren’t the same person.

Jaxon Hayes doesn’t do relationships or the morning after. Getting in with girls, keeping some around, and leaving no-strings-attached is his specialty, and he has no plans of changing that. So when he finds out his new friend Maci is looking for a hookup, he sees no reason why he can’t step into the role—until he spends two months in the friend zone and realizes that Maci is too important to risk losing. Stuck between wanting more and knowing he shouldn’t, Jaxon ends a scenario he’s all too familiar with. But when his choice to be the good guy results in someone else sleeping around with the first girl he’s ever cared about, he finds himself questioning everything.

One night was all it took for their lives to intertwine in ways neither of them expected. Eventually, both of them are faced with deciding what’s more important—going after the one you want or proving you’re the hookup type.

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