For Your Heart

Author: Crea Reitan
Category: M-M Romance | Adult | Romance
Total pages: 118

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For Your Heart

The heart is a cruel master.

After the fallout between me, my brother, and Simon, I find myself either wallowing in a black pit of depression or lashing out with vicious rage. Technically, Simon still lives in the condo the three of us bought together, but ever since our relationship imploded months ago, I’ve barely seen him.

His absence is loud and it feels like a knife through my heart.

I miss dancing with him. I miss having him sandwiched between my brother and I at night. I miss the soft brush of his lips against mine, just because. I miss him.

A newly single co-worker strikes a bargain. All he wants is someone to wreck his body while I get to let out my anger. It’s a win-win. .

Except I’ve still lost.

Once, the only future I saw was with Simon, but I don’t see a future at all anymore. Because all I have left is a broken heart and no one to pick up the pieces.

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