Tainted Hearts

Author: Alisha Williams
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 102

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Tainted Hearts

So everything the pure bloods have been taught all these years was a lie?

Does God really know what his right hand men are doing in his name?

And how the hell do I tell three of my mates that their fathers are lying, deceiving sorry excuses of Archangels?

My life got turned upside down the moment I stepped onto this island and it never seems to stop.

I went from two mates to five.

The man who caused me pain was masking his own.

And now we have a serious problem to deal with.

But leave it to dear old dad to send me some back up in the form of a fiery red headed Vampire guard.

I guess I could use another girl around to deal with all this testosterone. Or maybe to keep me from going crazy.

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