Tantalizing Kings

Author: Alisha Williams
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 148

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Tantalizing Kings

My first year of college is already off to a bad start.

My boyfriend of three years betrayed me at the end of summer party. He said I wasn't enough anymore, along with some other things that hurt to hear.


I might be socially shy at times, but I’m not stupid, II know now what was really happening.


Wanting to prove him wrong, to make him eat his words, I took my friend's suggestion and hired the Kings of the Kingston Academy Host club to bring me out of my awkward shell.


And if it makes my ex jealous, that’s a bonus.


But, it turns out, I can't afford their prices. Thankfully they take pity on me and make me a deal.


I have to work for them, do whatever they want when they want it to work off my debt and they will take me on as a client.


Only this club isn't exactly what I expected.


Declan, Preston and Grayson aren't the hosts of your typical host club. Despite what they want you to think, there's nothing innocent about them.


They are a part of something much darker and sinfully tempting behind closed doors.


And Collin, the school's guidance counselor and someone from my past, seems to be more than their teacher advisor.


They open me up to a whole new world, healing parts of my soul. They test my limits and bring me to new experiences.


I'm starting to wonder, will I ever go back to the old Sadie once I discover the vixen within?


And do the Kings want me, or is it all just a part of their job?


Who knew just how much my life would change by walking through those red and gold doors.

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