Hidden Heir With His Housekeeper

Author: Heidi Rice
Category: Billionaire Romance | Adult | Romance
Total pages: 56

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Hidden Heir With His Housekeeper

From innocent heiress
To pregnant housekeeper!

Self-made billionaire Mason Foxx would never forget the sizzling encounter he had with society princess Bea Medford. But his empire comes first—anything more than a night is an indulgence he can’t afford. Months later, at a hotel in Italy, he gets the ultimate shock. Bea isn’t just the housekeeper there—she’s carrying his child!

Pregnant. Disgraced. Disowned by her family. Alone for the first time, Bea is doing whatever it takes to protect her unborn child. But coming face-to-face with Mason throws her plan into chaos. Because he has his own…demanding Bea return to London with him!

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