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He pulls me so tightly against him I can almost feel his heart thundering under my ear. The bulge in his pants is thick and hard, pressed tightly into my belly. Moisture pools in my panties, and I can’t hold back from him another second.

I undo the button on his pants and slowly lower his zipper. Instead of pushing his pants down, I reach inside, wanting to feel his girth in my hands.

His hips pull back as I circle him, and a groan leaves his lips. He tries to pull away from me, but I don’t let him. His head is thrown back, and his body is trembling against me. Something ignites inside me, not understanding until now the power that I have over him. He really does want me. It’s not for a game or something else. He wants me and only me. I work my hand up and down his shaft, enjoying the noises he’s making in the back of his throat.

When I can’t resist any longer, I lean in and press my lips to his chest, swirling my tongue around his manly nipple.

He puts his arms around me and holds me tightly against him before walking me backwards to the bed and softly pushing me down.

He finishes undressing, and his cock stands at salute, straight out and pointing right at me. Licking my lips, I watch a bead of precum form at his tip, and I’m practically salivating wanting to taste him.

I reach up, but instead of me touching him, he’s unsnapping the back of my bra and pulling it down my arms, letting it fall to the floor. Instinctively, I cover my breasts with my arms.

He climbs up the bed beside me. “Please don’t hide from me, Carrie.”

He nuzzles my neck, and because I can’t resist his husky timbre against my skin, I let my arms fall away, exposing myself to him.

He cups one breast and then the other, lifting them to his mouth. He suckles me, and I collapse on the bed with him over top of me. He moves from one to the other, and every sense inside me is heightened. His manly scent is filling my nostrils, and I take deep breaths, wanting to commit it to memory. His touch is new, but already I can feel myself being addicted to it. And the look of pure desire on his face tells me exactly what I need to know from him. He wants me. Just like I want him.

I hold my arms up to him, holding him to me as he suckles my breast. My legs open, and I wrap them low on his waist, allowing him to rest his lower body against mine, and when his cock grazes my panty-clad pussy, my hips raise to meet his.

“Scott,” I moan as he rocks his hips against mine.

He lifts his head to look at me. “Fuck, angel. It’s too much.”

His body is trembling over me, and I put my thumbs at the hips of each side of my underwear and start to slide them down my hips. It’s a feat to do with him on top of me, but he lifts himself to make it happen.

Once I get them down far enough, I’m kicking them off my feet, spreading my legs so that he settles between them. There’s nothing between us, and his hard rod is stroking along my swollen, wet slit.

We both reach between us at the same time, but he gets there first. Fisting his manhood, he lines himself up and enters me slowly, inch by inch.

I forget to breathe. I can feel myself stretching, accommodating his large shaft.

He leans down and nips my lips with his before pulling back in a smile. “Breathe, baby.”

And I let it out. A big breath that I’d been holding for who knows how long. He pushes deeper inside me, and there’s sweat on his brow from trying to control himself.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he whispers to me.

Filled with pride at the fact that he’s worried about me, putting himself through torture, holding back when I know he’s suffering, I lift my hips, forcing him deeper inside me. He moans a guttural sound that fills the room and vibrates off the walls.

He doesn’t stop until he’s fully seated inside me, and the pinch of pain I felt is now gone and in its place is pure wanting. I want him to move. I want to feel the friction of him pushing and pulling inside me. I want him to fill me up.

“Scott,” I beg him.

When I don’t say anything else, he asks me, “What’s wrong?” and starts to pull out of me.

“No!” My legs go around his waist, holding him where he’s at. “I need you. I need you to move and make me feel good.”