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Leaning into him, I breathe in his scent. “You’re right. We’ll look like regular Joes compared to him.”

The elevator opens, and Reed grabs my hand, signaling for the driver to stay put. He reaches for the car door handle and I slip into the back seat.

We make great time. By the time we pull into the private hangar, I have relaxed enough to stop torturing Reed’s hand.

“Why don’t you go settle in. I need to have a word with the pilot.”

“Okay.” I climb the steps and look around. This is one of the newer Learjets. I don’t think I’ve ever been in it. It’s pretty much all white besides the dark tables and chairs. I’m so excited to see Brance and LA, I’m hoping this will entice Reed to want to move to the West Coast.

Settling into the comfortable chair, I cross my legs and wait for him. I hear the doors close.

Reed pulls me onto his lap. Sighing, I cuddle up in his arms.

A flight attendant stops by to ask us if we need anything. Reed orders some Cristal and strawberries while his strong hand caresses my hair. She smiles at him then leans forward, giving both of us a clear view of her large breasts.

“Will that be all you want?” she purrs at him. I stiffen and lift my head, glaring at her. Yes, my boyfriend is hot and rich, but come the fuck on! In front of me? Seriously?

“No, we’re fine,” I snap. She nods and goes in the back.

“Unbelievable! That was entirely unprofessional.” My eyes narrow on his turquoise ones, his dark hair curling around his ears.

He winks. “I think she likes you, Kitten.”

“What? Stop it. She was eye fucking you completely.” Hearing the engine roar to life,

I don’t bother moving to another chair. Reed reaches down and pulls the seat belt over both of us. As the jet races down the runway and takes to the skies, I sigh into his neck.

When we reach altitude, the flight attendant returns with our champagne and fresh strawberries. Again, I give her the death stare. She is average height with long blond hair. Pretty but nothing special. I relax back into Reed’s arms. She ignores me, opens the bottle, then smiles at him again.

Gritting my teeth, I watch as he grins back. “Thanks, Julie. We’ll call if we need anything.”

“Perfect.” As she walks toward the kitchen area, her ass sways so much it’s almost comical.

I jump off his lap. “You know her name? Did you fuck her?” I hate when I get like this. Sometimes I have no filter.

“No, Tess. I don’t fuck around on you.” He sounds pissed.

“I meant years ago.” I wave my arms around.

He’s silent for a moment and examines my face. “You look tired. Why don’t you go into the bedroom and take a nap? I’ll join you shortly.”

I stand there stunned. Did he order me to bed like a spoiled child?

I march into the bedroom to use the bathroom only. Sitting at the edge of the bed, I kick off my heels, cross my legs, and wait.

Then I sigh dejectedly. What the hell am I doing? This is not a good start to our vacation. So, the skank wants Reed. It’s not like this is unusual.

“God.” I flop back into the puffy, comfortable pillow. My head pounds, and I shut my stinging eyes and wait for Reed. I’ll apologize. It’s not his fault he’s perfect. I must be getting my period any day now. It’s hormones—that’s why I’ve been all over the place. As soon as I start, I’ll be back to normal.

“Tess, baby, wake up.” I slowly blink, trying to force the fog away.

I focus on dark denim legs. Rolling on my back, I look at Reed. His hair is wet and he smells yummy.

I can’t help but smile at him. He leans down, his strong arms caging me in. “You feel okay, Kitten?”

“Tired! How long did I sleep?”

“The whole trip. We’re getting ready to land.” Giving me a quick kiss, he swats my butt. “Come on. We need to get into our seats.”

Stretching, I say, “I need two minutes for a quick shower.” Standing up, Reed hands me my shoes. My top looks like it’s been left in the rain and a dog rolled on it.

“We’re getting ready to land. You can take a shower at the hotel.”

“Reed, you can’t be serious! You took a shower.” I blink at him. “Also, I can’t wear this blouse. Look at it.” The wrinkled yellow sheer shirt is a sad sight.

The phone rings and Reed motions for me to get ready.

“Hey, Charlie… I know. We’ll be right out. Thanks, man.” He hangs up. “Come on, Kitten. Your top is fine.”

“I can’t meet Logan looking like this,” I say, motioning to my wrinkled shirt and face. “Tell Charlie to fly around. I’ll be quick.” I pout.

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