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“No.” She waves her hand as if dismissing me. “Now that I’ve talked to you, I don’t need to worry about Reed and Jax. After all, boys will be boys.” God, she has to be drunk. Boys will be boys, seriously?

I nod as if I understand her and thankfully escape. Shutting her door, I lean against it, closing my eyes. What just happened?

“That bad, huh?” Opening my eyes, I find Reed smiling at me, his hair wet, all of him smelling delicious. Perfect. He gets a relaxing shower while I get unwanted pregnancy talks.

Too confused at what I’m feeling to talk to him, I shoot him a death stare, turn, and walk straight to my room.

“Hey.” He grabs my arm. “What happened? She had you in there a long time.” His voice is so gentle, I almost soften. Almost!

“It was humiliating and enlightening all in one.” Jerking my arm free, I ask, “Are you watching porn?” My eyes stare into his. I don’t want to miss the truth.

God, I’m not even trying to hide my insecurities. Fuck it, this bothers me. It makes me feel inadequate like he’s cheating on me.

I see it. The second he makes the decision, his eyes change. Holy shit, he is going to lie to me.

Dropping my arm, he cocks his head. “What did she say to you?”

“Whatever, Reed! That’s a yes.” Sneering, I breeze past him into my enormous lavender room. Throwing myself on the white lacey comforter, the bed squeaks with my dramatics. So, I toss the Euro pillows across the room to make sure he gets it. He stands there staring at me, his lack of control of this situation making his energy bounce off the walls. I turn my back on him, curling into a ball.

“Tess?” He’s mad and going to try to turn this on me. I know him so well.

“Turn around. I’m talking to you.” His voice is harsh.

Ignoring him, I bury my head in the down pillow.

“Fine. I’m not watching porn.” And there it is.

My head snaps up. He must see the devastation in my eyes, for he takes a step back. I see a brief moment of remorse.

“Why would you care anyway,” he snaps, the bed dipping as he sits down. “Kitten, come on, let’s not fight. It’s Jax who’s into the porn.” He takes my hand in his.

I pull away, scooting backward until the cold metal of the wrought iron headboard stops me. Reed’s eyes look like they are going to bug out of his head. I have never pulled away from him ever. He’s my lifeline.

Biting my lip, knowing I should keep quiet, I can’t help myself—I want to hurt him. “I may not be as smart as you, Reed, but don’t ever think I don’t know when you’re lying to me.” Hot tears sting my eyes.

He stands up, facing me. “Wow… Okay, Tess… yeah, I watch porn! Is that what you want to hear?” Scrubbing his hands up and down his face, he keeps going. “Does that make you feel good knowing that I like to watch hot girls licking each other’s pussies and love it? Do you want me to tell you how I get off watching threesomes too?”

I can’t hold the tears back anymore. The image of Reed watching those girls makes me want to vomit.

“Get out of my room!” I scream at him. I must look serious because his face is red and he seems angry enough to strangle me.

“Fuck this.” He holds his hands up and goes for the door.

Stopping, his hands open and close at his sides. “You know what, Tess? This is why I didn’t want to tell you the truth. I knew you would act this way. I knew it!” He’s panting.

“Every guy watches porn. And if they say they don’t, they’re lying. It’s not a big deal, certainly not worth you getting hysterical.”

“I’m not hysterical about the porn, you ass.” Well I am, but I’m sticking with him lying as the big deal.

“I’m hysterical that you lied right to my face. Did you think I wouldn’t be able to tell? Think again. Because if you ever lie to me again, we are over!”

I’m completely losing it, and he’s looking at me like I’m insane. My pathetic hiccups are the only noise in the room.

At last, he shakes his head at me. “I can’t deal with your insecurities today.”

Tears blur my vision, and I can’t even see him. But I hear my door slam and that about kills me.REEDBarging into my brother’s room, I practically punch the wall. Fighting with Tess has me wired.

“Let’s get out of here.”

Jax swivels his computer chair around. “What’s up?

“What time’s Zack’s party tonight?” I kick his backpack a few inches across the floor.

Jax looks at the backpack then back at me. “Six.”