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“Logan will come around. He loves me.”

After Brance leaves, Tess turns to me, sitting down at the table. “Well, what do you think?” Her big eyes are full of concern.

I sigh. “Fuck if I know, but Brance is in love with this guy. I mean he’s changing himself for him.”

“That’s what concerns me.” She scoops a huge amount of cream cheese on her knife and slathers it on a bagel. I pour her some fresh coffee and orange juice.

“That’s his problem. I have my own problems.” She sets down her orange juice. Her eyes sweep my body, stopping on the erection that tents my sweats.

“Hmmm, does this problem have anything to do with your favorite part of my body?”

Reaching into my pants I pull him out and look down at him. As my eyes lift to hers, she is setting down her coffee.

“Yeah. I’m in desperate need of your help.”

She unties the belt of her robe, licking her rosy lips, and stands up.

My eyes feast on her, starting with her stunning face. Rubbing my tattoo, I sense that familiar tightening in my chest. Her eyes darken. For some reason, she gets turned on whenever I touch my tattoo. Biting her plump lower lip, she cocks her head. Fuck… she is my everything. My eyes travel down her slender throat, her pulse visibly beating fast and strong. Her full, lush breasts and those goddamn nipples harden as my eyes devour them and move down her toned flat stomach and hairless pussy. I silently move close to her and drop to my knees not touching her, only observing.

“Huh? I seem to remember a couple days ago a landing strip here?” My eyes reluctantly move from her pussy to her face. She’s glowing, cheeks flushed, skin soft and creamy.

“I thought I would surprise you. Do you like it?”

“I do. It’s fun.” Standing up, I take her chin in my hand and lightly kiss her, sucking on that bottom lip. When I pull away, it makes a small pop.

“Let it grow back. I like the landing strip better.”

“I was wondering when you were going to mention it.”

I flash her a wicked grin. “Let me take a closer look to make sure.” Picking her up, I toss her over my shoulder like the caveman I am. “We’re spending all day in bed. If I still have this problem, we will spend all night.” She laughs as I toss her onto the bed.

“Reed, we’re on vacation. We are not staying in bed all day.”

“Don’t worry, Kitten. You’re going to be too busy to care.”

Her eyes blaze with want. “Okay.”

Leaning down so that we are both breathing each other’s air, I whisper, “Such a good girl.”

I make love to her all day, and fuck her all night. Life couldn’t be better.TESS

Present day – twenty-five years old

On the way to New YorkThe G5 Jet dips, and my eyes widen and blink. I look around making sure it didn’t disturb my secret. Apparently, I am the only one turbulence seems to bother. I get up and make my rounds, checking on everyone.

Quietly, I open the bathroom door. Leaning my hands on the sink, I try not to remember.

“Turn around, Kitten, hands on the sink, hold tight, this is going to be fast and hard.” His beautiful eyes lock with mine, one hand gently around my neck, the other holding my hips as he enters me.

Gulping in some air, I rapidly blink back the tears. I can’t mess up my eyes, I can’t mess up…

Shaking my head, I give myself a harsh pep talk as I wash my hands. I grab for a towel, glance up at the mirror, and freeze. The woman who stares at me looks perfect, her hair and makeup creating a façade, a crazy illusion.

I’m struggling. I can’t hide the sheer terror that my soul seems to be extracting. Leaning my head back, I try to calm my breathing.

“You all right, Pretty Girl?” A light tap on the door makes me jump.

“Be right out.” I lean my forehead on the cool door. “Fuck it,” I say, swinging the door open, nearly screaming. Brance is standing with his arms crossed, face full of concern.

“Jesus, you scared me.” I will my heart to calm down.

“Do I need to worry?” His eyes roam my face.

“Um… Do you need to worry? Wow, that’s a loaded question.” Rolling my neck, not wanting to make eye contact with him, I shake out my long hair. “It’s going to be okay, Brance, for everyone’s sake.” My eyes stray to the other side of the jet. He doesn’t say anything. His worried gaze says it all.

“I want to go straight to the Plaza. We should know more as soon as we land and talk to Jax.”

“Good. We need this to happen on our turf, our time,” he says.