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“Tess…” My erection is rapidly taking control of my brain. Reaching for her glossy brown hair, I tighten my fist around it. Tight enough that she’s mine. My prisoner. I want her like this always. She doesn’t stop me—if anything, her breathing gets harsher.

“You look so hot like this. So beautiful and helpless.” Swooping down on her, I wonder if this feels as good to her as it does to me.

Tess is the only girl I’ve kissed. But I think I’m a natural because she seems as hungry as I am. Our mouths tangle, teeth clash, and for a split second, it’s the most simple, primal feeling. It feels too powerful. Almost like the world has stopped spinning and only our tongues and breath are keeping everyone alive.

Her hands are touching my neck, pulling me closer. My dick is so hard it’s painful. Letting go of her hair, I reach for her right leg, raising it. This dress is nothing but layers of gauze making it easy to press my throbbing shaft against her. Holding her hip, I start to move on her, rubbing back and forth against her pussy.

“Oh God, Reed,” she moans in my ear. Suddenly my name is all she can say. I pull back, so that I can see her bewitching face.

“Kitten,” I whisper, kissing her neck again, my tongue licking up and down. Like a vampire who needs blood to survive, I desperately want to sink my teeth into her creamy neck, marking her as mine. I’m rubbing her hard, wanting to explode, to take us to a place I have never been with her. I drag a shaky breath in. Somehow this has spiraled out of control. Lifting my head, my voice is gravel. “We have to stop.”

“Don’t stop.”

I need to be strong and pull away. Instead, I move my tongue so that I can lick the bottom part of her lips. She groans loudly; I cover it with my mouth. Grabbing her hips tightly, I give one more rub because I can’t help myself. Tess makes me weak, which scares me enough to stop.

“Tess, we have to stop before you come.” Jesus, I’m panting!

Her eyes darken. “This feels… Reed, I want you to do this to me tonight. All of it. Please!”

At least she’s panting too. Her hands frantically pull at me like she’s possessed. She tries to rub herself on me again. I feel like a god. Would it be that bad to give in?

Then, she groans loudly. Covering her mouth with mine, I smile. “Shh… I can’t wait to make you come but not right now.”

“Why not?” she whines.

“Because you’re too loud.”

That stops her, and she lifts her head. “I am not!” Her cheeks turn pinker. “Stop it, Reed. I hate that arrogant grin.”

“You are.” I laugh. Her face glows. Her love, her hopes, her heart, all of it mine. Her nails dig into my arms, clinging to me. Her chest flushes, and there’s an almost desperate look in her eyes.

“Kitten, have you ever come before?”

She looks horrified and somewhat angry. “Of course not! You told me all our firsts would be together!”

I puff out some air I was holding because I might just jet off in my pants. Having Tess tell me that might push me over the edge. All I want is to take her over my shoulders and lock us in her room forever.

Grinning at my caveman thoughts, I stroke her straightened hair. “I did say that, but come on, I wouldn’t have been upset if you had gotten yourself off.” Rubbing my nose on her cheek, I move toward her ear.

“But now that I know”—I shake my head—“I can’t wait to watch you come on my mouth.” She shivers.

“Wait… how do you know how to… do that?” Her eyes narrow.

I can’t help but laugh at her cuteness. “Porn, baby. Hours of it. I can’t wait to try everything.”

Big eyes stare at me. I take her hand and place it on my erection. She squeezes, gently tracing the outline of my penis in fascination. I moan, wondering why I’m torturing myself. I should take her into the dining room and wait until later. I should, but my hand seems to have a life of its own as I reach for her breast. It’s her turn to moan. Her head falls back with a small thud. Leaning into her so that her warm hand is tight on my aching cock, I fondle her breast. Tess’s nipples are so hard, they poke through her gauzy dress.

“That feels really good.” She moves her other hand to cup and explore my throbbing dick.

“Yeah, that’s it,” I say, turning to kiss her neck.

I freeze.

Lexi is standing in the hallway like a creeper staring at us. Tess raises her head, sensing the change in me. Her hands stop rubbing, and I cover her scream with my mouth. She wiggles, then pulls away.