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Dropping back to my knees, I slide my hands up her legs, not stopping until I reach my goal. “Fuck, your panties are wet.” It comes out harsh, but I’m two seconds away from coming in my pants. I need to focus on my task. Willing my mind to stay calm, I pull her underwear down and over her heels. “Jesus.” I swallow and slowly pull her legs open. She hasn’t spoken, and her big eyes remain focused on me as her body responds to my touch.

“You okay, Kitten? We don’t have to do anything you don’t—”

Before I get to finish, she snaps, “If you stop, I will kill you.”

Raising an eyebrow, I grin. “Just checking.” I stop talking. My fingers have found her pussy and it’s wet and slick. “Tess…” Laying my head on her stomach, I gently explore her with my fingers, fascinated by her wet folds, her scent, the way my fingers touch certain areas and she almost screams.

“Does it feel good?” My voice doesn’t even sound like me.

“Unbelievably good…” Her eyes flutter shut.

That’s it. My patience is wearing thin, and I pull my fingers away. She sits up, her brows drawn together.

“We need to get you out of this dress so that I can see this. Otherwise, I think I might rip it off you. And I don’t want to deal with Brance bitching at me. Stand up.”

I help her up as she wraps her hands on the wood of her canopy bed.

“Clips, Reed don’t forget the clips,” she croaks.

“What the hell? How do I… Tess, I swear to God.” My hands are shaking. What clips are she talking about? Where’s the zipper? Why isn’t the dress off?

“Reed, there are little hooks on the top and bottom.”

Looking closer, I finally see them, and she helps by straightening her back. Groaning, I’m harder, if that’s possible, because the action pushes her breasts out. But it makes it easy for me to unhook the neck. The dress falls off her shoulders quickly, and I unhook the one at the waist too. Thank Jesus. Pulling it down, I slide it over her waist and it spills like silk, pooling in a giant pile of chiffon mess. I have lost all patience and make a mental note: Tess should never wear a contraption that requires this much work!

Lifting her in my arms, I carry her naked to her princess bed. With a frown, I look at the frills and stuffed animals and fluff. I used to get a kick out of it, and she always looked so pretty lying there. Now it’s a weird reminder that we are still young but way too old to be in this pink, floral bed.

Setting her down, I step back. “Don’t move,” I whisper.

She doesn’t even try to cover herself. Tess knows she’s beautiful and completely owns it. All her insecurities are locked deep inside her. She has no problem letting my eyes feast on her. So I do, starting with her flushed face. Her lips are swollen red and her eyes look like midnight blue glittering pools.

My bracelet sparkles on her wrist. But what makes me want to unzip my pants and stroke myself is my name tattooed on her side.

The need to claim her overwhelms me, and I’m almost confused at how my body seems to have a life of its own.

“Tess.” It comes out way harsher than I intended.

“Yes?” Her eyes search my face.

“I’m going to touch you, but you have to be quiet, Kitten. We can’t afford to get caught.”

“I’ll try.” She doesn’t sound very confident, which makes me smile. Her eyes are half-mast—she wants this as badly as I do.

As I lie down next to her, she instantly pulls off my jacket, tossing it to the floor, followed by my shirt. She is much better at undressing me than I was of her. I’ll have to work on that. When her hands reach for my belt, I grab them and pull them above her head. “Probably better if we leave the pants on,” I hiss.

“But…” I stop her with my mouth, kissing her deeply, roughly, our tongues touching and tasting. A loud moan escapes her.

With reluctance, I pull back. “Tess you have to do better. No noise. The last thing I want to deal with is your mom going crazy.”

“Sorry,” she whispers, an evil grin on her face.

Reaching for her lips again, this time I hear a slight whimper when our tongues touch. She tastes like chocolate and Tess. Not staying on her puffy lips, I need her throat. I’m obsessed with it. I want so badly to bite it and suck it, but that would mark her. She’s wiggling, trying to get me to let go of her hands.

“Stop, Kitten. I’ll let go in a minute. I like you like this.” She cocks her head, but she’s still. Her chest expands as she breathes.