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She moans loudly. “Shh, Tess, put a pillow over your head or something.” She grabs the lacy thing and covers her face.

“No, take it off. I need to see your face.” I throw it across the room. Slowly I take my middle finger and sink into her soft wonderfulness, pumping in and out. Her body is so beautiful as she grabs for my wrist. I lower my head again and suck on her clit hard.

“Holy shit… Reed, I think I’m going to… Yes!” She pulses and clenches on my tongue. Her hands rip at my hair as she convulses. And I’m fucking king of the world. I just gave Tess her first orgasm and experienced the hottest thing imaginable.

Jesus, there is nothing better. Climbing up, I gaze into her perfect face.

“I love you so much. You and me, we’re going to experience everything together.” Kissing her nose, her eyes, her wet cheeks, I am undone. I can’t put into words the depth of what I feel for her. Obsession! She cries softly as she reaches for my face. Her fingertips trace my bottom lip.

“We will always be together, right? I can’t live without you.”

I stare at her, my finger rubbing her side where my name permanently marks her. Reaching for the hand that has my bracelet on it, I bring it to my tattoo, on my heart.

“Always.” Moving my hand and placing it on her heart, which is still pumping fast, I whisper, “This never lies—at least not with us.”

She sighs as she turns to spoon. I pull her snug in my embrace, knowing I won’t go to sleep because I still have a raging hard-on. I should probably take another shower and take care of it. But the thought of letting Tess go is not an option. Closing my eyes, I wait to hear her even breathing.TESS“Tess? Sweetheart?” My door handle rattles.

“Tess?” Someone is tapping on it now.

I bolt up.

“Reed?” I shake him. “Shit, Reed wake up.” He groans and tries to pull me back to him. I squirm out of his clutches.

“Tess Rose Gallagher open this door immediately!” My dad’s voice booms into my room making the walls shake.

Holy shit! My heart pounds. “Daddy? Is that you?” Kicking at Reed, whose eyes have blinked open, my pulse races.

“Of course it’s me. I decided the case can wait a few days, and I can work from home. I’m sorry I missed your party.” My door handle jiggles again. “I’m home now. At least, I think this is my apartment.” He sighs, annoyed.

I look over at Reed who is now fully awake and pulling on his slacks. He shouldn’t be wearing them. The discharge spot has dried, but it’s stiff and obvious.

“Um, Daddy can you give me a moment? I’m just waking up…”

Tripping over Reed’s jacket, I catch myself on my dresser. It rattles, with all my perfumes.

“Tess? What’s going on? Are you all right?”

Pulling my drawer open, I grab the top shirt. It’s pink and tight. I need a bra, but I’m too frazzled to deal with that.

“Will you relax? It’s going to be okay.” Reed has his hands up trying to calm me. All it’s doing is reminding me that he is in my room and it’s morning.

“He called me yesterday and said he wasn’t coming,” I whisper, slightly hysterical at the glaring reality that my dad is home.

Reed looks around my room and at me, running his hands through his dark curls.

“Tess, what has happened to my apartment?”

I jump up and down, shaking my hands like a crazy person until Reed stops me. “Pull it together, Kitten,” he whispers in my ear.

Taking a deep breath, I respond, “Um… Well, Mom… and a friend of mine have been redecorating. Where is Mom?” Trying my best to distract him, I’m still hoping for a miracle.

I get down on my knees to pull Reed’s shirt out from under my bed. “Here.” I almost throw it at him.

Thankfully, he is holding it together better than I am. He shakes his head at me and slips his arm into a sleeve. I’m completely losing it. Obviously, stressful situations are not my strong suit.

“Your degenerate mother is passed out. What the fuck has she done to herself? She looks like a truck smashed into her face. Open this door. I need to speak with you.”

Shit, shit, shit. I spin around freaking out. Again, I search my large room. The morning sunlight is slowly poking through the clouds, its light seeping in through my one big window. And for the first time, I hate that my room has such an open floor plan. There is nowhere for someone as big as Reed to hide. And with his feet firmly planted on my plush carpet, something tells me he is not in the mood to hide in my walk-in closet or bathroom.