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Adjusting myself, I lean over and push the girl’s hair away, giving me access to her breast. I don’t try to make excuses for my demons. I know my parents are worried and that my dad must know about my addiction to hooker sex. How could he not—they cost a fortune! I guess, he figures it take’s my mind off…

After that day long ago when Jax said he would never mention her name, no one has spoken it—it’s the proverbial elephant in the room. My mom tried once, and it was the worst fight we’ve ever had. After that, she kept quiet although recently she mustered her courage hinting that I might want to try seeing some girls from school. The look I shot her froze her in her tracks. I’m not boyfriend material. Never will be, so why torture a girl?

I feed my sex addiction with beautiful pros, like this pretty redhead. No strings and they always make me forget.

I kick at my brother. “Dude, you need to put some clothes on or go to your room.”

“Screw you, Reed.” He rolls over, pulling the girl with him.

“Actually, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind if I traded you?” The redhead is waking up. Stretching, she shoves her very large fake breasts in my brother’s face.

He opens an eye. “Are you trying to piss me off this early?” His mouth latches on to her nipple.

I start laughing. “Go to your room, man, or let’s swap.” He stops sucking and pats her ass for her to get up. Having no desire to see his morning hard-on, I walk to the bar. “You want a Bloody Mary?”

Jax reaches for his jeans, pulling them on, then leans back on the couch, eyeing me. “What’s going on, Reed?”

“Hey, call room service. Have them bring some Worcestershire, Bloody Mary mix, and some olives.”

“Starting off with a bang, huh?” He lifts a dark eyebrow at me. Standing up, he reaches for the phone dialing room service as he buttons his pants. The redhead, who has put on some panties, walks over to me.

“So, I never had identical twins before. You and your brother into that? No extra charge.” I grin at her and reach for her large breast, rubbing her nipple. She growls, and I pinch it, making her gasp. Her eyes darken.

“That’s not up to me. You have to talk to my brother.”

“No!” Jax yells and goes back to ordering room service. It sounds like he is ordering way more than Bloody Mary mix. He hangs up and walks over to the redhead, pulling her back to him and biting her neck.

“We all got a girl. You should have picked her last night.” His large hands massage her breasts. I turn to the picture window and stare blankly down at Manhattan. “Maybe I’ll see if Andrew is up.”

Jax stares at me, then whispers something into the redhead’s ear. She nods and walks into my room.

“What the fuck, Reed?” I’m not responding to him. My high is wearing off and I want to put my fist through the wall.

“I think I’m going to make myself a Stevie Ray Vaughan Bloody Mary. Want one?”

Jax grabs my arm. “What’s going on?” His eyes are full of concern.

“She’s a brunette,” I blurt out.

He rubs his face. “Goddamn it, Reed, why are you doing this? How much longer am I going to have to watch this? Fucking do us all a favor and call her.”

“Watch it, Jax.”

He looks at my chest. I’m rubbing my tattoo. I freeze, wondering how long I’ve been doing that.

“I didn’t say her name,” he hisses, “but this shit has to stop. The cocaine and girls are getting out of hand. Even Jay is getting concerned, and he’s the one who started all this.” He motions to the girls and drugs.

We both turn as we hear room service knock. Neither of us moves, our eyes doing silent battle. Finally, Jax steps around me to open the door.

The girls come out of my room, laughing and wanting to party. I pour the vodka, a little Worcestershire, and Bloody Mary mix into the glasses, then sprinkle some cocaine on top and plop in a couple olives.

“Here you go, girls. Jax, you sure you don’t want one?”

He shakes his head. “I’m going to take a shower. Enjoy.”

“Holy shit, I have always wanted to try this.” The brunette laughs and jumps up and down, her tits bouncing.

I look at her and chastise myself for being such a pussy. She looks absolutely nothing like her. Starting with her tits that are boomeranging in my face. They’re fake and look like two large balloons on her thin body. Her breasts are real and perky, fitting perfectly in my hands. I stop myself. Jesus! I chug my morning cocktail, needing a quick high to fill my emptiness.

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