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His dark eyelashes are so long, I can’t see his eyes. But his strong hand glides over my flat belly, holding me tight. “Lie back—I want you screaming.”

I fall back as he pulls my legs closer, opening me up as he lowers his dark head. His tongue starts circling and he sucks on my clit, the pleasure so shocking that I grab his hair and pull. We only got to do this once. He’s improved. I’m ready to come already and try not to think about how he got so good at oral sex. He looks up at me as if he knows I have drifted away from him.

Frowning, he says, “I want your eyes on me as I eat you.” My wetness covers his lips. They glisten. He’s so nasty. I want to say I hate it, but the truth is it turns me on. I open my legs wider and arch up to his waiting mouth.

He smiles and lowers his head straight to my sensitive clit. Back and forth he roughly rubs against it, his scruff adding to my pleasure.

“Holy shit, Reed.” My hands frantically reach for something to hold on to as my body starts to pulse.

“Tell me you want me.” Inserting his middle finger deep inside me, he causes me to gasp. He crawls up to kiss me. I’m throbbing, my core clenched around his finger.

His voice is calming but strong. “Tell me, Kitten, and I’ll let you come.” His thumb starts circling my wet swollen clit. He never takes his eyes off me.

“You already know,” I moan into my pillow.

“I need to hear it,” he whispers as his finger pumps into me faster.

My hands find my comforter. It’s hard to breathe because I’m losing it. I’m climbing with wave after wave of pleasure.

“Please…” My head thrashes back and forth as I beg.

“Good enough.” Lowering his head to suck my throbbing clit, he pumps his finger faster.

“Reed, I’m going to come.” My body goes off. I’m soaring, quivering. The pulsing pleasure makes me jerk in his mouth.

“Yeah… that’s it, Kitten. Come all over my face.”

I think I told him I love him, but I don’t care as he moves his finger higher and touches a spot I never can find. My body goes off again. His hand is on my stomach and he praises me as I climax on his finger.

I’m shattered and vulnerable. Closing my eyes, I’m not ready for him to see how much I need him.

“Open your eyes, Kitten. We’re doing this together.” His voice is harsh but his face is full of love. Blinking my eyes open, I watch as he leans down and softly kisses me. His tongue tastes like me.

I can’t talk because I’m afraid I will say something mean or something nice. Either way, I’m way too emotional, so I nod yes. He moves his body on top of mine.

“I want your eyes on me the whole time.” Taking his hard cock, he rubs my clit with the tip until it pulses, leaving us moaning.

“I want to go slow, but it will be easier if I don’t.”

His breathing is rough, and a sheen of sweat covers him. His hot tip slides into me.

“Christ,” he groans, leaning his forehead on mine, ecstasy all over his face.

Then his mouth is at my ear. “Kitten? You feel me?”

I don’t say anything because how can I not feel him? He’s huge and he’s barely in. I tighten around him and he breathes out.

“Fuck, you’re hot… and tight.” He pulls out and circles my clit with his dick again. “Relax, Tess.”

He takes my mouth with his, his tongue seeking mine, sucking and circling, so deep and intense I’m sure my lips and chin will be chafed.

He thrusts in deeper. I try to relax, but it’s starting to burn and stretch.

“Reed you’re too big. I didn’t think… I mean this hurts.” I whimper, tightening up on him.

He caresses my check. “Let me inside you, Kitten. It’s me.” I’m caught off guard at his declaration. Suddenly, I don’t care how much it hurts—I trust him. All I want is for us to be one and his body inside mine.

I’m so wet, it drips down my ass.

“That’s it… so fucking good, keep relaxing.” I feel full, still burning, but Reed is inside me, so I don’t care.

“Reed, I… I need you.”

He moans. “Grab ahold of me, Kitten.”

I do and in one thrust he pushes past that barrier and is completely inside me.

I scream, the pain way worse than I imagined. “Reed! That fucking hurt!” Tears sting my eyes.

“I know.” His nose caresses my cheek. “Hold on to me. Let yourself take me. I have to train your pussy.” I feel him smile. “I’m inside you, Tess. I’m never leaving. You feel so good.”

His exquisite face is like nothing I have seen on him: a cross between pleasure and pain. I’m burning and stinging, but my body is adjusting to him.