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Dear Reader,

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Thank you so much for purchasing Zero Hour! The first story, Infatuated appeared in an anthology that was only available for a little while back in 2015 and I’ve always meant to make it available to my readers again. With the release of Z’s first full-length book (Zero Tolerance) coming up, I thought now is the time to bring Infatuated back! And what better way to introduce Z and Lilly to new readers? But Infatuated was kind of short (about 5,000 words) so I thought, hey, why not add the other two short stories about Z and Lilly and even add two new pieces!

And that’s how Zero Hour was born!

If you’re new to the Lost Kings MC series, welcome! This is a great place to start!

If you’ve already been inducted into the Lost Kings MC family, welcome back! I know you’ve been waiting a LONG time for Z’s story and I love you so much for your faith in me and your patience with me! Thank you so much!





Infatuated was originally included in the

PINK: Hot 'n Sexy for a Cure Anthology.

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* * *

My president is finally gonna make this happen.

President, as in the president of my motorcycle club and one of my best friends. Known Rock since I was a teenager. Love him like a brother. There aren’t many things I won’t do for him.

Including eating dinner at an obnoxious, yuppie hangout, while we wait for the woman he’s had a hard-on for about two years now to show up.

Whatever. I’m along for the ride to make sure my brother doesn’t beat the shit out of someone before Hope gets here. He’s that wound up over the pretty lawyer.

While we’re finishing our food, Rock nods to the front door. “That’s Sophie,” he says, indicating a thin, dark-haired woman. She glances up and winks at us.

Now I understand how he got talked into this whole thing. “Hot.”

Rock glares at me and I laugh. Christ, his girl better show up, or he’s gonna be one grumpy fucker.

I’m not laughing two seconds later when Sophie’s friend follows her in. Now, she’s a knock-out.

“Who’s the one with the big tits?”

Another glare from him. “Don’t know.”

I called her that to make him laugh, when really it’s her big, expressive eyes and long, almost black hair that grabs my attention.

It’s another half hour before Rock’s girl shows up. He’s so tense I’m surprised he doesn’t explode at the sight of her. Yet, he doesn’t make his move right away.

Time to poke the lion. “Your girl’s here now.”

“Yeah, she’s here,” he answers without looking at me.

“Gonna go talk to her, or sit there like a stump all night drooling over her tight ass?"

"Not yet." He turns his death glare on me. "And keep your eyes off her ass."

I shrug and try not to laugh again.

The plan is for Sophie to get Hope drunk so Rock can swoop in and offer her a ride home.

My plan is to get Big Tits alone. Maybe even find out her name. Definitely find out what color her eyes ar

e and if her tits are real or not.

The girls go through a round of drinks. After a while, they’re loud enough to hear all the way up here.

“Let’s go.” Rock stands and motions me down the stairs. ‘Bout fuckin’ time. People hurry to get out of our way. I doubt this bar sees many bikers. Certainly none with the ferocious face Rock’s wearing.

Smooth as a motherfucker, Rock slides in behind her. She reaches out to him and all his smooth vanishes. He can’t even answer the simple question she asks, I consider letting him flounder but finally rescue my brother.

“Just in the area and got hungry. How you doin’, Hope?”

I don’t think I’ve actually ever officially met her, but she’s too drunk to question me. Hasn’t let go of Rock’s hand yet, either.

“Who are your friends, Hope?” Big Tits asks after Hope and Rock finish eye-fucking each other some more.

Across the table, Sophie giggles and bumps her shoulder into Big Tits.

Hope shakes her head and turns toward her friends. “Rock, you've met Sophie, this is Lilly, Mara, and Ross is over at the bar. Guys, this is a former client of mine, Rock, and—”

“Z,” I offer with a smile aimed at Big Tits…Lilly. Lilly. Rolls right off my tongue. I am definitely fucking her.

While they discuss who’s driving where, I catch Lilly’s eye. “Where you headed, sugar?”

Jesus Christ. When she tilts her head in my direction and focuses her big brown eyes my way, I forget to breathe. Her perfect pouty pink lips curve into a seductive smile. “You planning to drive me all the way up to Lake George?” she asks in a throaty voice. Hell yes. I’ll drive her to the Mexican border and back if she’ll say my name in her phone-sex-operator purr all night.

“I’ll take the drive,” I answer a little too fast.

After Rock takes Hope home, I focus all my charms on Lilly.

One way or another, I want her under me tonight.

* * *


* * *

It seems like Sophie’s plan to get Hope and Rock together is going to work out well for me too. Holy fuck, I’ve never seen a hotter guy than…Z. He hasn’t been willing to disclose his real name yet.

Doesn’t matter, he can give me a ride anywhere he wants. Preferably on that big, sexy body of his. What he has underneath his hooded sweatshirt and leather vest looks promising.

All his good looks and charm probably mean he’s a lousy lay. In my experience, most guys who spend that much time keeping themselves in shape are either compensating for tiny dicks and lousy skills or assume women are so eager to jump into bed with them, they don’t have to make an effort.

My stomach flips when we step outside and I run my gaze over his bike. Pressing myself up against him for the forty-five-minute drive, while that big machine rumbles underneath us—I’m in trouble. Z glances at me and I swear there’s concern darkening his perfect features. “You’re gonna be chilly, Lilly,” he says. We stare at each other, then laugh at the rhyme.

My gaze travels over his body. “You’ll make it worth it, right?”

“Hell, yeah.” One corner of his mouth lifts in a sexy smirk. Then he shrugs out of his leather vest, pulls off his hooded sweatshirt and hands it over. I raise an eyebrow at his outstretched arm. “Now you’ll be cold.”

“Snuggle up tight against me.”

Yeah, like that’s a hardship.

Thinking of the things I want him to do to me when we get to my house, keeps me warm on the drive up the Northway.

“You wanna get a drink?” Z shouts over the roar of the bike. He slows to take the ramp that will lead us into the village. Since it’s early spring, the resort town doesn’t have many shops or eateries open.

“Sure!” I shout back. He seems to know the area well because he easily rides through town, looping through the park and finally glides right into an open spot in front of one of the year-round townie bars.

Mikey’s Pub still has a fair number of people filling the tiny space this late at night. We grab a quiet table in the back. After placing drink orders, Z moves his chair next to mine. Close enough for our elbows and thighs to touch.

“So, Lilly, friend of Hope, what do you do?”

I hate answering this question. Most guys look at my big tits, long legs, and pretty face and assume I’m stupid. This guy is purely sex, so I don’t give a fuck about impressing him. I doubt he’ll understand what my job is even if I explain it using construction paper and crayons.

Fuck it. “I’m a policy analyst for the legislature.”

His face registers surprise…and interest? Okay, that’s new.

“What’s that like?” he asks.

I shrug. “Boring most days. People ask for my opinion all the time, but no one wants to actually implement the changes I suggest. New York is tough because it’s such a politically diverse state.” I’m about to go off on a tangent, so I stop myself. That’s not what tonight is about, right?

“Yeah, I always thought we should just cut everything below Westchester County off and let them fend for themselves.”

“Typical Upstate opinion. A lot of money flows from NYC though.”

His lips twist in a wry grin. “Lotta bullshit too.”

“What do you do?”

He points to his Vice President patch.

“That’s it? VP of a Motorcycle Club?” I didn’t mean to sound so dismissive.

His eyes narrow, but there’s a glimmer of amusement there, so I don’t think he minds.

“It keeps me busy. The MC owns Crystal Ball. Right now I manage it with one of the other guys.”

I burst out laughing. “I know CB well. I used to dance at Club Salvatore, before you guys had it shut down.”

He doesn’t bother denying that his club was responsible for the shutdown. “No shit?”

Our waitress drops off our drinks and we both remain silent until she leaves.

“No shit. That’s how I paid for undergrad and my master’s degree.”

“I’m impressed. Lot of girls say they’re just dancing until they finish school. Few ever leave the life.”

“Yeah, well, tits are only perky for so long. No one wants to see old and wrinkly twirling around the pole.”

His sensual mouth twists into a grin. “Babe, I can’t imagine there is anything old and wrinkly on that body.”

“Not yet. I’m just saying, I saw plenty of girls like you’re talking about. Looks don’t last forever. I wanted something more secure, so I made sure I finished school.”

“Good plan. What else do you do?”

“Are we really doing this? I thought the appeal of a one-night stand was cutting out the small talk.”

“Whoa.” He places his hand over his heart. “What an assumption. I’m just offering a pretty girl a ride home.”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize you expected me to play hard to get. Continue.” I’m intrigued. Z has this peculiar charm that gets my blood simmering. I expected a filthy, dirty, sex god biker, but instead, he’s playful and charming.

“No, babe, I like direct. That totally works for me.”

“So, we are going to fuck?” I blurt out. What’s wrong with me tonight? Normally, I enjoy the coy chase and seduction games. But this guy has my panties so soaked I’m afraid to stand up.

“Absolutely.” His warm hand curls around mine, picking it up so he can brush his lips over the back. My skin tingles everywhere he touches. His other hand lands on my leg under the table, slowly trailing under my dress, up my thigh. My legs part and his fingers brush against the satin crotch of my underwear. His eyes widen when he feels how wet they are. His sexy lips press against my ear. “Let’s fuck here. I’ll meet you in the bathroom.”

My palm wraps around his bicep, a handful of granite muscle. Christ, that’s hot. I’ve missed muscle and men who actually care about their appearance more than their fat wallets.

“You can’t be serious,” I manage to protest.

“Like fuck, I?

?m not.” His finger strokes a little harder against my satin-covered pussy lips. “You’re wet and ready. I’m hard as a fucking hammer. Let’s go.”

Wow. I’m in serious trouble because I can’t stop myself from imagining him fucking me up against the wall in the bathroom. Him pushing my dress up around my hips while ripping my panties off. Our sweaty bodies sliding against the ancient wood paneling. Pure, furious, raw fucking.

I can’t believe I’m actually considering it.

Then my practical side kicks in. There’s the danger of getting caught and never being able to show my face in Mikey’s Pub again.

Even worse, the wrong person could catch us, the cops are called and my career swirls down the toilet.

“No.” What now? Did I just turn this hotter than sin man down?

Yes. Yes, I did and I have a completely a logical reason.

I can’t remember what that reason is with his finger gently stroking over my clit. Fuck.

He pulls away. “No?”

Thank God he stopped. Now I can think.

“No. No sweaty, quick fuck.” I give his bicep a squeeze. “I want to see you in all your naked glory. I have a feeling there’s one spectacular body under there.”

Am I nuts or did his cheeks turn a tad pink?

“Yeah, okay. Ditto. Where?”

“My place.”

He quirks an eyebrow. “You’re okay bringing the biker thug home with you?”